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Kenshin-with Kaoru

Distractions cause him much struggle.

Without a doubt the person whose has suffered the most with Kaoru around is Kenshin.  Ever since they met,  she has served as nothing but a distraction and a reason for pain.  From Kenshin's first real opponent,  Kaoru was kidnapped and Kenshin had to go save her.  Since then,  she has been of no real use to her friend.  It is sickening to watch her stand by and distract Kenshin just as she is about to go into battle.  Just when Kenshin is focused and determined,  the screen switches to her face yelling like a whining fool and all of a sudden the Rurouni is weak and unprepared.  For example,  take  Kenshin's first battle with Saito.  Anyone could tell by Kenshin's eyes that he was focused and prepared for combat.  He takes a step forward,  only to feel someone grab at his shirt.  Guess who it was?  Yep,  the bitch.  She grabs onto his shirt and leans her face into his back.  Suddenly Kenshin is snapped out of focus,  and is thinking of something other than battle.  He is thinking of what Kaoru is feeling,  because he is that type of person.  What do you think happens during battle?  Kenshin gets severely injured.  He goes for his Ryu-Tsui Sen and immediately gets beaten to the floor.  Kenshin,  the legendary fighter,  is beaten in the first move.  The person he fought prior to Saito did not include Kaoru in the picture,  and he won EASILY.  When you look at the big picture,  Kenshin fared much better with Kaoru NOT in the background then when she was there yelling and crying like a moron.  Kaoru can't even follow instructions,  going to Kyoto to be a distraction even when Kenshin said that it was imperative that she didn't.  What a bitch!  Though most viewers of the show appreciate Kaoru's character design and voice acting,  there is no doubt that she has cause MANY MANY problems for Kenshin,  whether it's being kidnapped or getting herself in a codition where Kenshin has to go on some mission to save her.  With all her worthlessness (she can't even cook!),  Kenshin STILL has to wash her clothes and stand her whining.  How unfair.  Kaoru must be destroyed!