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All screen grabs on this page are original,  in that they were not taken from any other page.  So don't bother us.

Kamiya Kaoru is (for some reason) the head of a dojo in Tokyo,  according to the storyline.  She only has one consistant student,  Yahiko,  who also lives at the dojo.  First of all,  how does she make money anyways?  Secondly,  if SHE is the trainer and Yahiko is the student,  how come the student spends most of the series protecting and saving the trainer?!  What a useless individual Kaoru is!  She always disturbs the peace and causes her friends to get injured.  How selfish of her.  More detail shall be given below,  but there is no doubt that this character has caused much pain to Kenshin and Yahiko,  as well as many other characters.