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Sanosuke - without Kaoru

No more annoyance.

Without Kaoru,  Sano would finally be able to get more in touch with his close friends Kenshin and Yahiko.  Without Kaoru to train him,  Yahiko would most likely become Sano's student,  which would benefit both and bring them closer together.  Also,  with Kaoru out of the way,  Sano would most likely move into the dojo with Kenshin,  and eventually get closer to his girl Megumi.  Currently,  every time Sano arrives to visit his friends,  he is nagged and bothered by Kaoru,  and forced to do chores.  He is a guest,  yet he is forced around for eating the food from the dojo.  Sano is more useful and more powerful than Kaoru is,  and with the bitch out of the picture,  Kenshin's health and Yahiko's skills will both improve from Sano.  In return,  Sano will have a new roof over his head and friends to talk to and support every day.  Without Kaoru,  Megumi will visit more often as well,  which is definately a benefit for the chicken.  Sano is yet another character who would benefit from Kaoru's absence.