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Sanosuke - with Kaoru

What nagging he must take.

Sano became friends with Kenshin early on in the series,  and has since then fought alongside him in many battles.  Kenshin lives with Yahiko and Kaoru at Kaoru's dojo,  and pays for his room and board with cooking and cleaning.  Why then,  must Sano be forced to work as well when he visits his friend at the dojo?!  Every time he arrives he is nagged and bullied by that bitch to clean and to chores!  What is her problem anyways?  He simply came to visit his friend.  Sometimes he asks for food and eats too much,  but that is his trait.  If Kaoru does not wish to provide food,  she may simply not give any to her guest.  But to force him to do so many things is wrong,  yet Sano,  being the great and kind human being that he is,  does most of those chores anyways.  Sano doesn't seem to care about Kaoru at all.  He arrives to help Kenshin and tease Yahiko,  but almost never talks to Kaoru,  unless it is about Yahiko or Kenshin.  Kaoru craves attention,  and as a result forces the three men to endure constant whining and nagging.  She must be destroyed.