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Megumi-without Kaoru

Now she may help her friends.

Throughout the series,  Megumi has kept to herself when it came to friends.  She appeared only on rare instances,  and when her help was needed.  This was in part due to that jealous bitch named Kaoru.  Every time she appeared,  the second she layed eyes on Kenshin,  even if innocently,  the bitch would go crazy.  It is quite obvious that Megumi is not welcome at the dojo where Kenshin lives and Sano visits.  As a result,  she keeps to herself at her small office,  helping and healing people on a daily basis.  She does not seem to mind,  and even teases Kaoru about her jealousy,  flirting with Kenshin simply to have fun with her.  However,  deep inside her feelings,  she must hold some sort of resentment.  Why is she the outcast simply because of a bitch's insecurities?  After all,  unlike the bitch with no skills,  she actually has the ability to physically assist her friends,  healing and caring for them.  All Kaoru can do is get kidnapped and go insane every time Kenshin is not around.  What a loser.  If Kaoru was eliminated early in the series,  no doubt Sano would move in with Kenshin,  and with the bitch out of the way,  Megumi can visit more often without hassle.  She can come every day,  and becaome closer with all her friends.  She can finally talk to Kenshin and Sano,  and learn more about each other.  She may finally have real friends instead of wandering around town by herself like she does throughout the series.  If Kaoru was destroyed,  everything would be better.