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Megumi-with Kaoru

She tries to help,  but jealousy gets into the way.

Since the day when Sano saved her from danger,  Megumi has proved to be an invaluable asset to the group.  Her medical techniques have saved many people from danger,  and has healed Kenshin numerous times.  However,  while she works and studies,  a little annoyance is always there,  thrashing at her side,  refusing to get off her ass.  This little tick's name is Kamiya Kaoru,  who,  probably because she knows she is inferior,  hates the sight of this doctor and on many occaisions has actually gotten in the way of people being helped,  or even saved.  This jealousy is not only immature,  but has potential to be a threat to both of their friends.  Unlike Kaoru,  Megumi actually HELPS Kenshin.  After being saved by the crew from Shinomori Aoshi the first go-around,  Megumi has never been a problem.  Unlike Kaoru,  who always is kidnapped and causes Kenshin pain,  Megumi stays out of the way and comes to help when called upon.  She herself has no hard feelings for Kaoru,  and actually occaisionally teases the bitch about her jealousy.  She is kind to everyone,  and is a good person.  She has proven more mature than Kaoru,  and offers assistance and advice even to her.  However,  with Kaoru around to distract,  she will never be able to fully help when needed.  First of all,  Kaoru causes Kenshin injuries that are harder to heal.  Secondly,  Kaoru's jealously sometimes even gets in the way of the doctor giving prompt service.  Megumi deserves much better.