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[Note:  This web page is for entertainment purposes only.  The "Kaoru" mentioned within' this web page is a totally fictional cartoon character,  from the series Rurouni Kenshin.]

DIE!!!!!!!! KAORU!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!

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Greetings,  my minions,  and welcome to the Kaoru Must Die Homepage.  For those who don't know,  Kaoru is an annoying bitch from Rurouni Kenshin anime series.  Why must she (the anime character) die (in the storyline)?  Well there are numerous reasons,  all of which cannot be explained in one short paragraph.  For those who are not familiar with the Kenshin series,  WTF are you doing here?  There are hundreds of Kenshin pages out there praising and kissing the ass of all that is in the series.  Go there,  to those happy little neon lala lands,  then return,  perhaps after you've seen the series as well.  Then you will know what I am talking about.  For now,  later.

Now,  for the rest of you,  you all may be thinking why such a page exists.  After all,  why make a page to bash a cartoon,  er,  anime character?  Well,  why do all those other fans make such huge Kenshin web sites with research on the history of the whole series with individual episode descriptions?  Same reason,  except that we sleep and go outside occaisionally.

 This simple little page will act like a "mark" page,  meaning we will act seriously and speak as if the anime series is REAL.  Using this method we will explain why the "good guys" in the show would have been much better off had Kaoru died rather early on in the show,  as she is almost unbearable to both the viewers of the show and the characters WITHIN' the show throughout the series.  And because this is a "mark" page,  things are not expected to be taken too seriously.  Take it as a joke if you wish,  and listen to our reasoning.  You may actually agree on many points.

This anime series has got to be one of the most interesting and most popular animes in recent history.  Every true anime fan has at least seen a few episodes,  and hardcore addicts have gone so far as to find detailed character bios and quotes from each of the characters from the series.  Though we wonder WHY they spend so much time of this sort of thing (anime is simply to watch and to enjoy,  not to obsess over),  those sites were very useful in helping to attain information as to the background of the animated series.

For those who don't know how the storylines goes in this series,  what the ^%#$ are you still doing here?!  Didn't we tell you to leave in the FIRST paragraph,  go to one of those hardcore sites,  THEN come back?  Just go to Yahoo and type in "Kenshin" to find many bubbly sites for your consumption.  Now for the second time,  LEAVE!!

For those who remain,  many of you may be angry at what you've read so far.  Well calm down,  this is just a simple,  harmless little site discussing an animated series for kids.  Admittedly though,  the storyline and characters are so well designed that even older audiences (us) appreciate it.  So as a result we must comment on it!

Overall this series is quite well done while it lasts.  The animation is good and the artwork is great,  though sometimes lacking in detail,  but what can you say,  this was a television series.  Basically (for those of you who know nothing about Kenshin yet STILL refuse to leave),  it's about this old samurai who gave up his ways of war and vowed never to kill again.  He uses a Sakaba sword with the sharp blade on the other side,  such that enemies will be hit but not cut.  One day he runs into a girl,  and ends up staying at her dojo,  where she only gets one student later on,  and for the rest of the series.

Sorry nerds if the summary wasn't detailed enough,  but we are sure YOU have a great 10 page storyline summary at your page.  Good job.  Now we don't have to do anything but this!  Anyways,  let's get to the point of this page,  which is not primarily to analyze the storyline.  This page is to inform all those fans out their our opinion that the "good guys" in the story would be a lot better off had Kaoru been eliminated early on in the series,  and it would have raised the quality of the episodes and battles overall.  Why go through the trouble of making this site?  Well we like the series but are sickened everytime she showed her ugly face!!  Well she's not ugly,  but the way she acts is.  It's so annoying to see her hold Kenshin back,  and get kidnapped OVER and OVER again to cause her friends problems.  Yahiko is her student,  yet he is always protecting HER!  She is the weak link,  and thus must be destroyed.  

Now before we get deeper into discussion,  let's filter out more trash.  All of you have seen a little bit of what we've had to say above.  Those who are stubborn and close minded,  and refuse to allow any negative comments of anime to fill their ears may leave now.  Others who are here just for fun and perhaps who agree with our statements may continue.

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