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Other Stuff

There is no doubt that Kaoru's absence would have benefited many people,  including Kenshin,  Sano,  Yahiko,  and Megumi.  There is no point in her being in the storyline at all besides getting the clique together and causing trouble to start storylines,  and create new missions for Kenshin.  Yes,  many female viewers enjoy Kaoru because they wish they were her,  and could be with Kenshin.  LOL.  But who cares about them,  even though they are primarily the ones sending us email messages?  They are pathetic enough to gain crushes on painted cels,  and are not worthy of our attention.  How can a girl like that be good looking anyways?  We watch anime for entertainment,  for the same reason we watch t play computer games.  We cheer for the characters we enjoy watching,  but do not gain an affection for the pixels on the screen.  Through that point of view,  Kaoru is an absolute nuisance and a bitch who deserved to be destroyed early on in the series.  It is sickening to see her get her friends into trouble over and over again.  She is the Jar Jar Binks of the Kenshin show.  Important in some storylines,  but annoying as crap.  What is her problem,  yelling "Kenshin" over and over again to annoying him and us?  

This page was constructed because we are fans of this show,  and wish to make a web page.  But why make another "shirno" or "dojo" when there are a million more out there?  If there should be a shrine,  it should be for Sayo anyways.  Because of that,  we decided to be original and make this page.  People who disagree with us and can't handle new opinions should have left this page long ago.  For the rest of you who haven't sent us negative email,  we hope you enjoyed.  This web page was not meant to be taken seriously anyways,  as it was for fun,  and fun only.  Some people need to remove sticks from their asses.  What's the point in taking this stuff seriously anyways?  They need to get real.