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Throughout this page,  we have already discussed how everyone would have benefited without the appearances of Kaoru.  The whole main cast,  comprised of Kenshin,  Yahiko,  Megumi,  and Sano all would benefit in some way from the absence of Kaoru.  And without her,  as the storyline progressed,  things would be much more in advantage of the good guys.  Without Kaoru,  Kenshin would not have to save her all those times,  and could concentrate.  Yahiko would learn more skills from Sano,  and Sano would become closer with Megumi.  Everything would be better.

The Kenshin storyline is quite long,  and we will not summarize it here.  But we are sure you will find episode and manga guides elsewhere with specific details about everything.  However,  we will do some brief essays about how the storyline would have changed in some areas,  simply because we love you.  Sadly,  though,  we could not report a different outcome for Sayo.  She deserved to join the team,  because she ruled.  What a great character.  Anyways,  enjoy the rest of this page.

Yahiko is the student of Sano,  yet his progress is hampered by a terrible teacher.  Without Kaoru,  Sano would be Yahiko's trainer,  since Kenshin refuses such a duty.  Both would benefit as Yahiko's skills improve and Sano gains a new friend.  This team would be a great one,  as Sano and Yahiko would take on enemies together more in both the ShiShiO and Sayo storylines.  Sano would,  of course,  introduce Yahiko to Tsunan,  and then we would have a new team,  a sub-group,  within' the main characters of the show.  What a force to be reckoned with.  As it stands,  Sano wanders around by himself,  as Tsunan paints and Yahiko "trains".  Power comes in numbers,  and this new team of best friends would benefit all the good guys and become a major force and pain in the ass to all who oppose order.  A benefit to all.

Without Kaoru around,  Kenshin would either stay with Sano and Yahiko,  or decide to travel around alone again.  Regardless,  he would be better off.  If he stayed with Sano and Yahiko,  he would be around more quality people who actually know how to defend themselves.  No more would he have to save Kaoru from the likes of Jineh.  No longer would he have to go get water from a magical spring (that storyline sucked).  When he went to meet ShiShiO,  he would no longer have to worry about some bitch following him to Kyoto.  He could focus as he trained and learned techniques.  He would be around people like Saitoh and Aoshi rather than a nagging bitch.  If he decided to become a wanderer for a while again,  that is good as well.  No more worrying about Kaoru.  He may wander from town to town helping those who need it.  Of course occaisionally and eventually he would return to visit is friends.  Everything would be better.